Sell/Buying Audit

Do you want to buy or sell a restaurant ?
But how do you know if it’s a good deal or not ?
At Audit-Resto you will find the answers to all your questions.

This is a complete and unique assessment of the business you want to buy or sell.

Management, marketing, organization, sales, human resources, communication…
Everything is studied, analyzed to really evaluate the business without any interest for us.

At Audit-Resto we don’t sell business !
We are not a real estate agency !
We are not an intermediary !

We have a totally independent and transparent opinion.

  • A complete, transparent and independent audit.
  • A concise accountancy.
  • An expertise on the concept in place.
  • A culinary expertise.
  • An expertise on the human resources and its profitability.
  • An expertise on suppliers.
  • An expertise in communication and advertising.
  • To know the fair price of its business or its future business.
  • Buy / Sell your business with real and complete data facilitating a fair decision.
  • Seller ! Sell ​​faster thanks to our audit.
  • Buyer ! Buy while benefiting from a very important work base to finance your business.

Benefit from an incomparable basis to start your activity thanks to its action plan. Note that more than 30% of errors happen before opening.

Purchase / Sale / Sale of restaurant, do not hesitate to diagnostic your business before all things ! Don’t lost money and your time !

Our added value “what concept for this business to take over”.
Don’t be shy, ask us.